gutter clearing

Gutter Clearing

Clearing leaves, moss and other debris from your gutters is absolutely essential to ensure free flowing gutters that do what they’re designed to do! These things can quickly build up causing blockages, leaks and damp in and around your home or business. These dangerous and expensive issues are preventable! Insurance companies recognise the importance of gutters remaining clear and can even have clauses requiring that commercial premises have their gutters cleared at least annually! Our homes are just as important! 

Using a gutter vacuum pole system, we are able to clear gutters at all levels from the safety of the ground. This was previously impossible to do at great heights without heavy machinery and great expense! How glad we are that times have changed! 

When clearing your gutters, we use a pole-mounted camera and monitor so we can see exactly what’s going on up there. This means we can ensure completely clear, free-flowing gutters. All this from the safety of ground level!

commonly asked  gutter clearing questions

With a combined experience of over 50 years providing first-class Gutter Clearing services in…

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…we would like to think we know or stuff! Below is a list of questions we get asked by customers both new and old, we hope it’s helpful! If you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

A blocked gutter can cause a huge amount of damage! Instead of flowing into drains, water can end up flowing down the wall of your house causing damp. Damp issues are expensive to fix and very bad for your health. That isn’t the only issue, gutters that are full of debris and water are extremely heavy. Gutters in this kind of state can fall, causing damage and potential danger.

We generally recommend getting your gutters cleared once a year. Although if you live near a lot of trees you may need to have them cleared two or even three times a year.

This will depend on a number of different factors. How much guttering your property has, how high they are and how easy they are the access, are all factors that need to be taken into account. Our minimum charge for a full house gutter clear is £60 including vat. To find out quickly and conveniently how much your house will cost, you can use our new video call quotation system where you can book a short appointment on our website. Or if you prefer, you can fill in your details on our online form and we will get back to you to arrange an in-person quote where necessary.

Gone are the days of risking life and limb up a ladder, shovelling the contents of your gutters into a bucket.

We have a top of the range gutter vacuum system meaning we can clear gutters of all heights from the safety of ground level. The gutters are sucked clear with our high power vacuum and pole system. Don’t worry, we can see exactly what is going on up there using our pole-mounted camera. Using this camera we can be sure that your gutters and down pipe are completely clear.