UPVC Cleaning

UPVC Cleaning

At PristineClean we clean all sorts of UPVC, for example:


  Fascias and soffits 

  Conservatory roofs 



and much, much more

UPVC used on the outside of our homes is so hard wearing and convenient! It recruited much less maintenance than alternatives like wood. Even though UPVC doesn’t need regular sanding and staining like wood does, it isn’t completely maintenance free. Algae and grime can build up surprisingly quickly! Your UPVC can very quickly look dull, grimy and much older than it is! With some expert cleaning, your UPVC can look bright and clean in no time. The transformation can be absolutely outstanding, leaving your home feeling fresh and welcoming again.

commonly asked  gutter, fascia & soffit cleaning (UPVC) questions

With a combined experience of over 50 years providing first-class UPVC Cleaning services in…

Northwich, Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Barnton, Cuddington, Kelsall, Knutsford,  Prestbury, Tarporley, Weaverham, Winnington, Wilmslow and Winsford

…we would like to think we know or stuff! Below is a list of questions we get asked by customers both new and old, we hope it’s helpful! If you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

We understand it can be confusing. You will be glad to know, we do both! The difference between the two is actually very simple, gutter clearing refers to the inside of your gutter and gutter cleaning refers to the outside. When we clear the inside of your gutter, we remove moss, leaves and all sorts of other debris that can cause blockages. When we clean the outside of your gutter, we will wash and clean up the outer part that you can see, along with the fascia (the part the gutter is attached to) and soffit (the part that faces down between the fascia and the wall of the house).

We use our reach and wash system, the same system we use for your windows! Just as it does with your windows, it leaves UPVC clean and bright. If your UPVC haS become especially dirty, we will rinse it with a detergent to loosen the grime before using the reach and wash system. There are some occasions though when we cannot use detergent. For example, if you have self cleaning glass on the roof of your conservatory, we cannot use any detergent on the UPVC securing the panes. The reason for this is that self cleaning glass has a special film applied to it during manufacturing, the detergent can react to this film and we definitely don’t want that! Rest assured, Wherever you have UPVC we will always use the best method of cleaning and make sure you have fantastic results.