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At Pristine Clean, we have over 50 years of window cleaning experience between us. We are a close-knit, family-run team who really want to make our lovely customers happy! We provide a highly professional service, along with the warm customer service you know and expect from our family-run business.

We use the pure water-fed pole system. It is the safest, most efficient and most effective method of cleaning windows on any level. We make sure to thoroughly clean all glass, frames, window sills and doors on each visit. Our water fed pole system and expertise, allow us to access windows that are multiple stories high, in difficult locations or both! We pride ourselves on being reliable and regular, providing either a 4 weekly or an 8 weekly window clean.


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commonly asked  window cleaning questions

With a combined experience of over 50 years providing first-class Window Cleaning services in…

Northwich, Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Barnton, Cuddington, Kelsall, Knutsford,  Prestbury, Tarporley, Weaverham, Winnington, Wilmslow and Winsford

…we would like to think we know or stuff! Below is a list of questions we get asked by customers both new and old, we hope it’s helpful! If you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

The price will depend on a couple of different factors. Firstly, (as you would expect) how many windows you have, secondly, the setting of your property and thirdly, how often you would like your windows cleaned. Our prices start from as little as £10 including vat every 4 weeks. To find out quickly and conveniently how much your house will cost, you can use our new video call quotation system where you can book a short appointment on our website. Or if you prefer, you can fill in your details on our online form and we will get back to you to arrange an in-person quote where necessary.

We use GoCardless for all regular window cleaning customers. This is the best method we have found and our customers love it! It is safe, efficient and gives you one less thing to worry about. For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch or click on the following link.

Most of our customers choose either a 4 weekly or 8 weekly clean. We are also able to call less frequently or as a one-off, although of course with the extra build-up of dirt, this will be reflected in the price. 

There is occasionally debate over whether traditional window cleaning or water fed pole window cleaning is best. The truth is, done correctly both will leave your windows spotless. If either method doesn’t leave your windows spotless, it is most likely the fault of the operator, not the method! 

We use the water fed pole method as it means we are able to clean your windows from the safety of ground level. It also means we can reach windows that it is not possible to reach with a ladder. 

The pure water system is now the industry standard for achieving the best widow clean. Using telescopic water fed poles we can clean walls and windows of up to 60 feet, a soft bristle head ensures a great clean with no smears. This also makes the cleaning process generally quicker than the old-style manual method.


The pure water system uses distilled water, this has had all the mineral content of the water removed. Once brushed on the window and frames, the demineralised water attempts to return to a mineralised state, absorbing the dirt during the process. Once everything has been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed off this should leave streak-free results.

We are window cleaners, not just glass cleaners! This means that all glass, frames, sills and doors will be cleaned on every visit. 

Yes, you can, the so-called self-cleaning glass may help to keep your windows clean for a little longer but it will not keep them clean forever. The water fed pole system works extremely well along with the self-cleaning glass as it doesn’t use any chemicals at all. This means there is no danger of damaging the self-cleaning film on the glass.

You may think that tap water looks clean but a lot of dissolved chemicals and minerals are lurking within. The amount will vary from area to area (Hard & Soft water regions). These minerals (mainly consisting of calcium and magnesium) are what leave white residues on the glass.

The water purification technology de-mineralises and de-ionises tap water to remove these impurities and produce pure water. In our opinion, Pure water is by far the best product to clean windows:

The nature of water means it does not like being pure and it strives to return to its impure state. To do this it actually absorbs dirt particles from the glass thus aiding the cleaning process.

Because of the aggressive strength of pure water, we do not need to use cleaning detergents on the windows which is much better for the environment.

Because the impurities have been removed, we do not need to squeegee the windows, we simply rinse the glass after cleaning them with the brush and pure water to leave them to dry naturally for an excellent streak-free finish.

Due to the nature of the Pure Water, it is best to leave them dry naturally without using a Chamois Leather or Cloth which could introduce fibres and dirt from these. This allows your Windows to stay cleaner for longer.